4 uses of Popular Construction Rental Equipment

Construction Equipment is used every day, every hour of every year. That’s a mind bending fact when you consider just how much construction equipment that really means is in use every single day of the year. But that only hints at why we love construction equipment and why Speedy Equipment Rentals make such an effort to get the best equipment out to contractors who really need the equipment, now! So what are the best 4 Uses of Popular Construction Rental Equipment? Dig in to find out out more!

Top of our list, is excavator. Excavators are popular in construction for the multiple uses, from digging footers to pouring concrete. But that’s not all, excavators have also found wide and far uses in things such as digging trenches for electrical or plumbing purposes, making them one of the most widely used construction pieces you’ll find being rented from a construction rental company.

Jack Hammers, these are easily snag the second spot in our top 4 popular construction rental equipment list for their use in breaking up concrete in demolition. Considering the constant remodels and continuous growth in this country is should be no surprise that jack hammers are in wide use. Jack Hammers, like excavators take a large margin of our list, but lets keep digging to find out how else construction equipment is being used.

Packers, with their tough and rugged ability to pack dirt and compact it prior to pouring concrete. Packers are easy to use machines that have become a staple to construction efforts looking to create smooth surfaces for road or parking lot construction. Though most likely you’ll be finding them when building sidewalks or footers.

Last but certainly not least, pumps are commonly used to keep a job site free of water and to quickly rid mass pools of water runoff that collected on a jobsite. Pumps are most commonly used in wetlands, or just areas and job sites that have an extended area of construction that may have collected rainwater over an extended period of time.

This is our top 4 list of popular construction rental equipment, for more information on how you can get started with your own construction equipment from a rental company, contact Speedy Equipment Rentals and speak with one of our knowledgeable support staff and get started on your project today without the hassle! Or for more information visit our website and see what tools and equipment are available for renting.