Guide to Tractor Rentals

So you’re looking to rent a tractor? There’s a few things you should be looking out for when you look for a equipment rental store that provides you the means to rent tractors. It seems simple enough, you find a rental supplier you ask if they have tractors. Bam done, right? Not so fast slick, what you may be missing may be costing you hundreds of dollars in expenses you don’t have to pay with a few tips we’ve found over the years.

Search Local: Bigger isn’t Always Better

When you’re looking for any type of rental equipment you have to remember somehow you have to get it back to your job site. Now if you have a truck with a trailer you’ll be in luck, but if you don’t you may have to rent one of those too which will add to your expenses. Not only this, but you’ll probably renting by the hour or day- which means if it’s taking you an hour to drive out to your rental company of choice, that’s time taken away from your project. So for rental companies keep it local and see what tools you have to work from. Next, you’ll want to browse a few different rental companies, just because the big names might stand out against the rest doesn’t mean they’ll have the best deals. Keep in mind who you’re renting from and discover if there’s other rental companies in your area providing the same tools. Options are always better right?

Check Your Equipment Carefully

Nothing is worse than renting equipment only to find out you’ve got a dud now that you’re on the worksite. Worse yet, you may be held responsible for the tractor equipment even if it was dead on arrival. That’s certainly no good and something you’ll want to avoid at all costs. To solve this problem make a point to ask for a vehicle demonstration before renting your equipment, check the fluids and ensure the vehicle is in good working order before you sign any dotted lines. When the vehicle meets your eye of approval, then you’ll be in better shape. Not only this, but it also creates a point of reference for the seller. If they notice something appears to be running incorrectly they may provide you with a better rate, or at least understand it’s not your fault if something happens during use.

With these tips you’re well on your way to renting a tractor from a tractor equipment rental company. For more information on how you can get the best deals contact Speedy Equipment Rental today and speak to our knowledable sales staff!


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  1. Tyler Meredith

    I like what this article mentions about keeping the rental local as well as going for a smaller machine. It makes sense that renting a larger machine would require a bigger, more expensive trailer and truck to haul it. It’s something to remember when looking to rent a tractor as I think it could be good to keep it just to what I need as I don’t think spending a lot would be wise.