Renting Construction Equipment at a Cheap Price

When you’re in the market for construction equipment, you don’t want to sell the farm in order to get the job done. That’s why at Speedy Equipment Rental we believe customers should get what they deserve, not what fills a rental companies pockets. Rental Equipment is an ideal toolset for contractors and homeowners alike who are looking to rent high quality equipment for a cheap, affordable rate. This is because buying equipment outright often costs in the thousands- the type of expense most homeowners and contractors don’t have on hand.  So how can Rental Companies solve this problem? Simple. With easy to use, easy to rent Rental Construction Equipment.

Renting Construction Equipment is a relatively easy process, as simple as a quick Google Search, look in the phone directory, or asking your fellow contractors. Regardless of how you choose to find your rental company, understand that not all rental companies are the same. Though it may seem harmless enough, some rental companies simply don’t care enough about the equipment they’re renting and view their own service as ‘doing the customer a favor’. This type of attitude can be dangerous for would be renters in that the equipment may not be in the best condition, or the attitude of the contract you’ll be forced to sign may put very unfavorable conditions on you, the responsible party if even the slightest thing goes wrong. So how do we avoid this? To get started the best way to avoid problems is to ask questions. Approach your rental company with a sceptical eye and question what would happen if worse case scenario something goes wrong with the equipment, or you’re forced to keep it longer than intended? Are there hidden fees that aren’t mentioned up front? Are you liable to replace parts if the equipment is damaged or simply stops working? Will you need to add additional fuel before returning?

By no means are all rental companies terrible places. But it only takes a few to make all rental companies seem sleezy. At Speedy Equipment Rental’s we’re one of the good guys, but we work hard to educate the public and help them understand it’s ok to ask question, get a demonstration on the equipment and do everything we can to fulfill your confidence in the equipment you’re about to rent. In this way, we’re hoping to turn the tide on bad rental experiences and get your job done with the best equipment on the market. That’s a win-win in our eyes and we’re sure you’ll agree too.


Comment (2)

  1. Chris Winters

    Chris, I like the idea to rent construction equipment through the internet. My wife and I have been planning on excavating our backyard to put in a pool. I definitely think that we should find some equipment to make it a little easier.

  2. Dave Anderson

    My wife and I are planning on doing some yard work in our house and we are planning on planting some trees to add some shade to our yard. We don’t have things like the equipment that you need to dig the holes for the trees. That means that we are going to have to rent some equipment and like you said, it is important to make sure to ask a lot of questions before choosing a company so that you can better be prepared to deal with situations that can arise.