Man lift rentals – Top Five Purpose

You may have a job that would be perfect for a Man Lift Rental and not even know it. Worse yet, you may be working yourself or your work crew far too hard when a Man Lift Rental could be ultimately saving your time and money. But what’s so great about man lifts? First, let’s back up and keep in mind what rental equipment companies are here. Rental Equipment Companies make getting otherwise expensive hardware like a Man Lift on the cheap with an hourly or set rental price for extended rentals. This means you’ll be spending a fraction of the cost for high quality construction equipment.

  1. Trim Tree Limbs: this is a very common use for man lifts, a customer will rent a lift to cut down tree limbs off of trees, for either upkeep or to eventually cut the tree down completely. As someone who just recently had a massive tree nearly crash on their house, a man lift would have been incredibly helpful prior to this event to trim up the area and keep the household investment from potentially being crushed.
  2. Building Painting: For large structures such as buildings, or truly anything in large scale construction, painting can be difficult in hard to reach spaces. Which is where man lift rentals have become incredibly important to contractors looking to avoid serious injury using old school ladders.
  3. Pressure Washing: Much like painting a building, reaching hard to reach places can be difficult for those looking to pressure wash a building and using old methods of a ladder simply aren’t safe for this type of cleaning. Man Lifts on the other hand provide a stable platform with plenty of room to move and spray the water on the surface of the structure. Depending on the height of the structure you may even be able to reach angles otherwise impossible with a standard ladder.
  4. Repairing a Roof on a House, Barn or Commercial Building: Building maintenance can be difficult if not dangerous without the right equipment. Though in some cases you may get lucky with access to a roof via built in ladder or stairwell- in many cases this simply isn’t possible. This is where Man Lift Rentals can make a world of difference and allow you to not only transport yourself, but a large amount of equipment with you as well. This reduces the amount of trips you’ll need to make, keep you safe and make for an easier repair.


     4.Repairing the roof of a house, barn commercial building.

     5.Scissor lifts are commonly used in construction of a metal building.