Advantage of Man Lift Rentals

Man Lifts are a great tool for elevating yourself to a higher elevation for all sorts of jobs. Typically they are smaller than a Scissor Lift or other large machinery, this can be a major advantage to smaller projects where a ladder itself just won’t due. This could be because you require transporting additional material or just don’t have the additional help another pair of hands might provide. Here we’ll be outlining just a few of the many exciting advantages to renting a Man Lift for your project.


This would have to be the major advantage Man Lifts will provide you. A Man Lift is far better an option than using a ladder, especially when using the proper safety gear. Man Lifts can elevate a person to varying heights- typically beyond what a typically ladder can you provide you. This increase in height, increases the likeliness of serious injury if someone were to fall.


As mentioned, you certainly could grab an extremely tall 40 foot ladder and climb all the way to the top. But, wouldn’t it just be easier and safer to use a Man Lift? Man Lifts are stable machines often with locking legs to stabilize the machine regardless of the terrain. This makes them incredibly easy to use, and comfortable to operate. Allowing the worker to concentrate on the job at hand, rather than falling to their potential death.

Reach Higher

A ladder can only go so high, so the biggest question is- how big is your job? I can guarantee they make lifts for the needs of your job. Many lifts reach at least 40 feet, and many others go even higher. Speak to a Rental Company professional, many times even if they don’t have the machine on hand, they can acquire it for you and have it ready the next time you’re looking for a Man Lift of the desired size.

Ease of Use

Depending on the type of lift, not all lifts are mobile. This would include being able to rotate, extend out or even drive around depending on the type of lift; while you remain in the air. But rest assured most Man Lifts are capable of these feats. If you were on a ladder however, this would be nearly impossible. Imagine you’re some distance off the ground on a standard ladder, what you’re looking to work on is just out of reach, you’d be forced to carefully navigate down the ladder, move the ladder and climb back up. All this is very time consuming and strenuous. A Man Lift solves these problems.




Perhaps most importantly, a Man Lift is an efficient machine. You may argue this should fall under ‘ease of use’ but we think it should be stated separately just to explain how much time you can save by using a lift instead of a ladder. When you’re working on a job, your time is money. You can’t expect your team to be constantly moving ladders and straining themselves; thus slowing themselves down as the day goes on.