5 Tips to Save Money while Hiring a Rental Trencher in Columbia County

Shopping around to rent a Trencher in Columbia County, Florida can be a tall task when we look at the wide range of Construction Equipment Rental Companies across the country. But hopefully we can make it a little easier for you with these perfect 5 tips for saving you money.

Shop for Rates

First and foremost shop for rates. Take a hard look at the best prices and keep an eye out for hidden fees or additional expenses. Most rental companies will require you to fill the tank back up with gas; some rental companies may even charge if you fail to perform this duty, so be sure to check the contract prior to renting. While shopping for rates is important, you should compare this to the distance the Rental Equipment is from your location. Is it really worth driving an hour to save ten dollars? That may be something only you can answer, but consider your time is money.

Know What You Need

Perhaps one of the easier tips to consider, but taking time to prepare a proper list of materials you’ll need to perform your job goes a long way in the production process. For instance with a Trench digger, if you were to be digging a trench for a power wire, how deep should the trench be? (At least three feet!). This will influence the type of trencher you need, but also help you organize any additional tools you may need to pick up from the Rental Company.

Plan Your Job

Following the advice of knowing what you’ll need, plan your job accordingly. You don’t want the trencher in your possession any longer than it needs to be, seeings as you’ll be paying for the time you have it. If the job can be done in half a day, you can get typically get a better rate than if you kept the trencher for the full day. As mentioned, planning your job ahead of time will also give you insight into the type of tools you may require. If this job is expected to take multiple days, see what collection of tools you’ll need each day to maximize the amount you’re renting vs the time you’ll actually need the equipment. It may require a bit of logistics, but you’ll save money in the long run.

Use Equipment Only as Intended

This more along the lines of common sense, but it can go a long ways in saving you potentially hundreds of dollars. If you use the machine for something other than its intended use you run the risk of damaging the machine. A costly mistake that you can and probably will be held responsible for! Avoid the fees and use as intended! Also consider additional fees in the contract you sign at the time of renting, for instance with a Trencher are you responsible for any broken teeth on the chain? What happens if there’s accidental damage? Is there a forgiveness clause? These are all important questions prior to renting.

Return the Trencher on Time

Ensure that the equipment is returned on time, fueled up and properly maintained if required under the contract you signed. Remember you are paying for each hour past the agreed time! Avoid the additional fees and get the machine back to the Rental Company on time!



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  1. Troy Blackburn

    That’s a great tip about taking a hard look at the best prices and keeping an eye out for hidden fees or additional expenses. I’ve heard that many rental companies will offer discounted rates the longer you rent the equipment. Is that true? I’ll have to keep this info in mind if I ever need to rent some construction equipment!

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