Equipment Rentals at Speedy Equipment Rentals

You Need It. We Rent It. That’s been Speedy Equipment Rental motto since they started over a year ago and it hasn’t changed. More than just words, ‘you need it, we rent it’ captures the spirit of Speedy Equipment Rentals and the promise to always get the machinery you need, even if it’s not in stock at the moment. Though still a young company in the grand scheme of community business’, Speedy Equipment Rentals has already made a massive splash in the North Florida Tropics. We caught up with Quinton Peacock, Head Manager at Speedy Equipment Rentals in tropic Columbia County, Florida for an indepth look at what it means to rent and sell equipment,

“You know, there’s not too many suppliers around this area but there’s a need- and we’re dead set on letting our community know we’re the trusted source for all of their equipment needs.” Mr. Peacock explained. Indeed, while there are a few additional rental suppliers in the area, none seem to capture the spirit and authenticity of Speedy Equipment Rentals; nor their pursuit for quality machinery. But this opportunity has allowed Speedy Equipment Rentals to lead and make a difference where others have not.

Mr. Peacock went on even as he worked over a large green Man Lifter, supplying the bearings with the proper amount of grease, “We have been rapidly growing to fill the demands of our customers in Lake City and surrounding areas.” Lake City lacked a rental company, forcing all potential customers to travel out of their way to fulfill their rental needs. But not anymore. Not since Speedy Equipment Rentals arrived on the scene to aid the residents from large scale construction projects, to weekend landscaping. This advancement of tools have helped everyone as Mr. Peacock would explain, from the neighbor next door to professional contractors who need the right equipment at the right price.

Speedy Equipment Rentals offers a huge selection of equipment from heavy equipment like tractors, lifts and digging machines. To more specialized tools that may be hard to come by, or too expensive to outright buy from a local tool supplier. These advancements for the community has changed the way Columbia County, Florida thinks about their construction projects. Not only this, but competitive rates, a deep knowledge and a friendly sales staff willing to work with the local contractors leaves most customers not just satisfied, but ecstatic to spread the word over Speedy Equipment Rentals superior machines.

The answer appears incredibly clear, when you need it, Speedy Equipment Rentals has it at an affordable rate to buy or rent. For more information check out their informative customer service center or Mr. Peacock reminds us, “You don’t even need to drive out to see us, you can view our entire stock to rent and sell online, make a reservation and pick it up when you’re ready.” Speedy Equipment Rentals truly goes the extra mile to serve Columbia County, Florida and the surrounding area that is looking for quality equipment.