Stay Protected While Using Tool Rentals

Tool rentals can cause you or your company serious trouble if you’re not staying protected while using tool rentals. You may think you and your team are experts in all forms of machinery, but it only takes one slip up to cause massive complications for your job, team or yourself. Let’s take a moment to assess how you can best ensure team safety when working with tool rentals and how your business should be taking a stand for job safety.

Working with machinery is frankly dangerous without the knowledge and experience to back you up. Knowledge of a tool’s quirks can be the difference between coming home with all your fingers or not. It’s no laughing matter either when the medical bills start coming in and you realize sending texts are a whole lot more difficult without a thumb. To ensure the correct and safe operation of equipment, make sure your team has properly reviewed the safety instructions and or any user manuals that may go along with the machinery you’re renting.  

Not only do you and your work crew need the necessary knowledge to run the machinery, they need to be in the right state of mind when doing so. As contractors know, some jobs can certainly be more stressful than others. High stress situations can cause workers to become forgetful, clumsy, or otherwise less productive than when at their peak. This can undoubtedly lead to mistakes or even worse, injury if not in the right state of mind. We certainly encourage all workers using tool rentals to ensure they’ve received enough sleep and have an understanding of the tools prior to working with them.

This should go without even being said but always use tool rentals only as intended. This keeps both the machinery safe (and you free of being charged for misuse) and also your crew safe from bodily harm. Not only this, but having your crew work with machinery in ways other than intended, naturally opens yourself up to being challenged legally.

For best results with tool rentals, always make sure you have the proper safety gear, like hard hats, glasses, lanyards and any other safety equipment. Ensure the equipment is in working order and your crew is properly trained with the required rental tools. With this, and your crew working in the proper state of mind should be enough to keep your crew organized and working properly with only a limited risk to themselves or the equipment.