Top 3 Construction Equipment Tools used in Columbia County

We’ve always found it interesting how Construction Equipment changes in rage, selection and use depending on the part of the country you’re in. Though some may be obvious, such as snow blowers in New England, today we’ll be looking at Columbia County, Florida. Home of a number of equipment rental companies, such as Speedy Equipment Rentals. In this growing community of farmers, industrial zones and a thriving business sector we’re introduced to the natural springs of the¬†Ichetucknee and the thick forests draped in Spanish Moss, offering us a glimpse of the historic Florida that early settlers to the south in St. Augustine must have viewed upon landing upon Florida’s golden shorelines. But here in this community, we’ll be looking at what drives the Rental Equipment business’ with our top three construction equipment tools used in Columbia County.

The TLB – Tractor Loader Backhoe

Perhaps the backbone of the construction equipment list, the tractor loader backhoe combines the strength of a tractor with that of a front loader and a backhoe. Though the TLB can appear to be a daunting beast of a machine, we can assure you this machine is well crafted and incredibly versatile to construction companies or even the home landscaper looking bring their home transformation to a speedy completion. Most Tractor Loader Backhoes come standard with a large bucket, capable moving hundreds of pounds of dirt, debris or material. A backhoe with a separate control system used to dig independently from the front loader and a strength of a wide range tractor engine.

Skid Steer

When you need material moved and the mobility of a small frame machine. You’d be crazy to not use a Skid Steer loader, like the residents of Columbia County. Skid Steer loaders are small, rigid frame, engine powered machines with lift arms that can be used to attach a variety of labor saving tools. Skid Steer loaders are typically four wheel vehicles with the wheels mechanically locked in synchronization on each side.


Perhaps a stable behind most Construction Equipment Rental Companies, lifts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But as the name implies, lift’s lift the person or persons to a higher vantage point. This can be used for a number of reasons, from general construction to painting. Typically, the most common construction equipment tools would be scissor lifts which are typically used for higher ranging lifts and manlifts; large typically wheeled lifts with a central motorized base that can be controlled from either the ground, or the lift itself. Manlifts despite their name are generally incredibly versatile and spacious platforms that can be navigated over objects like buildings, rather than straight up and down like a scissor lift.

Construction Equipment can come in a variety of tools, shapes and sizes depending on the general environment that they will see themselves being used in. What we love about construction equipment is the uniqueness in which every tool provides an answer to the question only you can supply. When investigating the common construction equipment tools needed in Columbia County we were impressed with the variety of tools this small county provided us with.