How to Choose the Right Construction Equipment in Lake City

Choosing the right construction equipment in Lake City, Florida comes down to finding the cheapest and most reliable equipment a contractor can rent. These aren’t just obvious solutions to problems, but real world money-on-the-table problems that require clear solutions. When you take on a construction project in Lake City, you’re likely to take on the responsibility of handling insurances, your project budget and scheduled equipment list needed to accomplish your job. Let’s take a look at some of the solutions to these problems.

With your business and clients on the line,  this is exactly why reliable equipment can make, or break your business. Reliability comes in the form of properly maintained and serviced equipment, by technicians with the experience and know how to keep you rented equipment in the best possible condition for your job. Not only this, but reliability takes shape in providing your business and workers with the opportunity to have all of their questions answered when using unfamiliar equipment. This is achieved through not only a knowledgeable staff, but also with modern conveniences, like video or textual aides attached to the equipment, for quick and easy answers. Not only does this do your business a service, but it builds confidence within the rental business that the construction equipment will be used properly in the field.

When shopping around Lake City for the right construction equipment, price can be a leading factor in your short term investment. When reviewing prices however, take a moment to consider if this includes insurance, repairs and of course the length of time you’ll be renting the equipment. In addition, you may also consider outright purchasing the equipment. Though all equipment may not be for sale, you can generally be certain the equipment is in fair standing and has been properly maintained while in use as a rental piece. It would also be wise to confirm the equipment will be properly maintained prior to purchase, with recently greased fairings, new or fresh oil and generally working in proper condition.

In some cases, you may consider purchasing from mainstream equipment store, such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. Keep in mind however that many rental companies actually provide rental or purchases surfaces on even more general equipment such as drills, buzz saws, or other smaller items you may otherwise be tempted on buying from a more conventional source. These types of rentals can be a savior when your crew may only temporarily require a tool and would not like to float the cost of outright purchasing the item.

However you decide to choose the right construction equipment, keep in mind the principles we have outlined in this article. Equipment should be in a properly maintained state, with all the necessary fluids in working order prior to rental or purchase. The cost of these items should be reflective of the Lake City market and insurances and cost per day should be price checked against conventional purchasing or rental locations prior to making your purchase. With these thoughts in mind, you can make a satisfactory business decision for your construction equipment.



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  1. Annika Larson

    My husband and I are looking to do some re-landscaping in our yard that requires moving large amounts of dirt and rocks. We are thinking of renting the equipment for this job. Like you said, we will want to make sure we rent from a company that properly maintains and services their equipment by experienced technicians to ensure it is in good condition.